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100 damned guns — Musica De Tormento

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They have a combination of rock attitude, old country swagger and Mick Jagger showmanship. 01. Broken Bottle Blues 02. Already On My Way 03. Ain’t That Bad Anymore 04. Tonight I Lose Again 05. One More Time 06. Go Back To Sleep 07. Anna Lee 08. Red River Valley 09. Hard Row To Hoe 10. [...]

Night Birds — Monster Surf

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Nights Birds is comprised of four thoroughly modern morons from the NJ shore and Brooklyn, NY. When not creating the surfy,punk rock din they’re oh so infamous for, they enjoy watching shitty movies, discussing where to get the best pizza, eating pizza, and laughing at the misfortunes of others. 01. Unavoidable Filth 02. Agent Zero [...]

The Wolfgangs — Cannibal Family

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Demon Vendetta — Guardians of the bitter sea

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DEMON VENDETTA is a french surf / instrumental horror rock band.  The play what they call new school surfmusic, highly respectuous of the genre pionneers but excited by the idea of mixing traditional elements of the style with many other musical influences (punk rock, heavy rock, old school metal, noise, etc.) and an important cinematographic [...]

Hillbilly Werewolf — No Count Dance Party

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Very cool dude! 01. Rock n’ Roll Deacon 02. Crackhead Boogie 03. Rutti Tutti 04. The Livin’ Dead 05. Dancin’ Party 06. Black Dog Collar 07. Let’s Have a Party 08. The Creature 09. Snakeman 10. Rockin’ This Joint 11. Geronimo Stomp 12. King Kong 13. Monkey Beat City Link

Creature Feature — The Greatest Show Unearthed

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Creature Feature is the deviant brain child of two sinister composers from Lost Angeles known only as Curtis Rx and Erik X. Formed on Halloween of all days, these two maniacal groundskeepers in the torture garden of auditory delight have taken it upon themselves to draw from their twisted childhoods and invent a band that [...]

Hombre Lobo Internacional

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One Wolf/Man Band from Spain. 01. Been Gone 30 Days 02. Love Me With a Silver Bullet 03. I´m Sick and Tired 04. Gotta Run Hard On Me Link

Surf Creature -Volume 2

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One more surf collection. 01. Zorba & The Greeks — Shockwave 02. The Silver-Tones — Bathsheba 03. The Velvetones — Static 04. The Velvetones — Doheney Run 05. Manuel & The Renegades — Woody Wagon 06. The Centuries — Outer Limits 07. Aki Aleong & The Nobles — Body Surf 08. The Penetrations — Fakin’ [...]

The Cramps- I Can’t Hardly Stand It

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