Country Bob & The Bloodfarmers — Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Опубликовано - Май 28, 2014 в 12:53 пп

Bloody farmers come back! 01. Dang Me 02. Bowl Full Of Noses 03. Honky Tonk Cunt 04. Silo Song 05. Hell Box 06. Goin’ To Hell In A Hatbasket 07. God Fearin’ Man 08. Black Cowboy 09. Hog Wild! 10. Untitled Link

Country Bob & The Bloodfarmers — I Cut Out Her Heart (And Stomped On It)

Опубликовано - Ноябрь 29, 2013 в 11:49 дп

Country Bob & the Bloodfarmers — a five-piece band out of Allen Park, Michigan — are raunchy rock ‘n roll for the seedy underbelly of America. With songs that tell of roadway carnage and trauma ward callousness, the hardships of the working class proletariat, the usurpation of the Old West, the devil’s presence in the [...]