Messer Chups — Bikini rama models

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Messer chups — Moriarty woogie

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Messer Chups — Swamp surfing

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Messer fur Frau Muller — Wake Up the Dead

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Oleg Gitarkin’s («Messer Chups») studio project. Shouts about Zorro’s sign, flights of Space Mans, osinovy shtopor in a throat of the maniac… Soundtrack to dreams about the old b-movies. 01. You, You and You 02. Osinovy shtopor 03. Sci-Fi Twist 04. R-n-B Shaitan Exorcist 05. Robot Monstr USB Sex 06. Zubi Zubi Zundella 07. End [...]

Messer Chups -Shandor Diabolikov

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Messer Chups — Vamp Babes (upgrade version)

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New version of an album of the 2001st year. All tracks were copied anew, with the termenvoksy. On one third the album was updated: new compositions are written down. 01. Intro Monstro Kreshendo 02. Super Megera 03. Dreams dreams dreams 04. Тень твоей улыбки 05. Я Психическая Сука 06. Трудная любовь 07. Vurdalak Acid 08. [...]

Messer Chups — Vamp Babes

Опубликовано - Июль 12, 2013 в 12:27 пп

Album «Vamp Babes» is up to the top overflowed with samples. Virtuoso Oleg Gitarkin a layer behind a layer stacks scraps of dialogues and sound effects from the Soviet retromovies. And for sharpness adds quotes from the b-movies horror and a trash. 01. Super Megera 02. Вурдалак acid 03. Для Тех Кому За Тридцать 04. [...]

Messer Chups — Zombie Shopping

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Ninth album Petersburg surf project Messer Chups. Musicians collect their pieces from the sounds of the American thrash horror and melodies characteristic of the Soviet cinema, the music of which was leaked to successfully surf the 60s. 01. Darkness is a Teenagers Friend 02. Catmobile 03. Flash of the Night 04. When a Knife Thrower [...]