Lonesome Wyatt — A bitter harvest (w. Rachel Brooke)

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Those Poor Bastards’ singer Lonesome Wyatt teams up with Rachel Brooke for ten songs of woe and unrelenting despair. Rachel and Lonesome each wrote half of the songs, but they sing all of them together. Recommended for those who are sick at heart. 01. This Painful Summer  02. Poor Desperate Fools  03. Scars  04. Someday I’ll Fall  05. Crippled Farms  [...]

Lonesome Wyatt — Ghost Ballads

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Thirteen strange tales of death, longing and revenge from beyond the grave. 01. The Golden Rule  02. Curse of the Poltergeists  03. Terror On the Ghost Ship  04. Dream of You  05. Skin and Bones  06. Boy with No Shadow  07. October 1347  08. The Mouldering One Returns  09. Midsummer Fair  10. Haunted Jamboree  11. Death of Me  12. You Cannot Be Saved from the Grave  13. Bone [...]

Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks — Halloween is Here

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A terrifying tribute to all those strange and obscure Halloween records from the 1950′s — 1980′s. »Halloween is Here» contains twelve spooky stories and monstrous sing alongs for your unholy holiday party at the local insane asylum. 01. A Time That Never Was 02. Halloween Is Here 03. The Lonely Werewolf 04. I Want To Be [...]