Shakin’ D.T.’s — Fuck off n’ ave that

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Rock & Roll from London. 01. Who Put The Bomp 02. Hot Dog 03. Do The Hucklebuck 04. Rip It Up 05. Runaround Sue 06. Running Bear 07. Shout Shout 08. Some Girls 09. When Link

Spook And The Ghouls — Whitechapel Murders

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A Horror Gothabilly-Psychobilly Act from the North East of England. They appeared like medieval ‘hoodies’! Their bassist usually played his slap-bass via an echo chamber to give it a more ‘ethereal’ sound.  1. Reaper Grim 2. Demon Barber Of Fleet Street 3. Vampira 4. Nightmares From Beyond 5. Love Me So 6. Let ‘Em Swing 7. Twisted [...]

Wild Rooster — No Way Out Of Hell

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Hard hitting rebel Rock ‘n’ Roll from one of Europe’s hottest Teddyboy style bands. Tough and greasy original material alongside along with some fiery versions of some rockin’ classics. 01. King Of Dreams 02. Angels 03. On The Other Side 04. I’m Coming Home 05. Running Against Time 06. No Way Out Of Hell 07. Old [...]

Bone Machine — Giu nel mio inferno

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The Bone Machine was born in 1999 in the swamp. The band consists of three elements and plays a mix of Psychobilly,Rockabilly Wild, Garage Punk and Dirty Blues. The lyrics are in Italian visionary tales and hallucinated. Live the band wearing masks of Mexican lucha. 01. Era il re 02. Ho un buco nella testa [...]

Rockin In the Graveyard — The Sinister Side Of Rock And Roll

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Here’s another home brew compilation with a selection of the best songs in my opinion with a sinister touch of Neo-Rockabilly & Psychobilly bands, hope you enjoy!!! 01. Sharks — Crazy Maybe 02. Batmobile — Calamity Man 03. Lota Red — Good Day To Die 04. Ricochets — Rockin’ In The Graveyard 05. Krewmen — [...]

Voodoo Swing — We’re Usin’ Code Names

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Great rockabilly from Phoenix, Arizona. 01. Better Be Changin’ Yer Ways 02. American White Trash 03. Low And Slow 04. Made In The U.S.A. 05. Gallagator 06. Shut Up 07. Here Comes Trouble 08. Baby Come Back 09. Just My Type 10. My Baby Sends Me 11. Chasin’ The Devil’s Hot Rod 12. Voodoo Swingin’ 13. [...]

The Surfin’ Wombatz — Dr. Sathans House of Terror

Опубликовано - Август 1, 2014 в 11:44 дп

Formed in 1987 the Surfin Wombatz have been peddling their crazy brand of beer and voodoo influenced psychobilly ever since. Influenced by dirty rockabilly, horror movies, Lord Sutch, Screamin’ Jay and Carry On films the Surfin Wombatz are old enough to know better….but thankfully don’t! 01. Peter Cushing 02. Planet Of The Psychobilly Apes 03. 4 [...]

The Hel-Gators — Voodoo

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«The Hel-Gators debut album «Voodoo» is a journey into the world of rockabilly, on it’s creepy side and the ride is scary — indeed!» There are subterranean mystery, murder mania, obsessions, hot women, men burning with desire, love confessions, lust, horror, betrayal and crazy party moods. »VOODOO is a true «Film noir» -album. From fastforward suburbanian Garagebilly [...]


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Rockabilly-Psychobilly-Dance Compilation. 01. FIREBIRD — Local Honkey Tonk 02. THE NEUTRONZ — Bail Me Out 03. THE TRACTORS — Baby Likes To Rock It 04. WILD WAX COMBO — Whatcha Gonna Do 05. TORN BLOODY POETRY — Pushing Me Down 06. TRIPLE DYNAMITE — T-R-O-U-B-L-E 07. BONE RATTLERS — Lock And Load 08. 56# ALLEY [...]

Brioles — Down Down Down

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BRIOLES’ music is mainly based on 50’s R&R but they’ve added more elements that –right from the start- have conformed their unique and recognizable sound. They’ve usually been described as psychobilly or neorockabilly -labels they don’t dislike but don’t define them accurately. With Down, Down, Down the band keeps developing his unique BRIOLES sound. 01. [...]