The Surfin’ Wombatz — Dr. Sathans House of Terror

Опубликовано - Август 1, 2014 в 11:44 дп


Formed in 1987 the Surfin Wombatz have been peddling their crazy brand of beer and voodoo influenced psychobilly ever since. Influenced by dirty rockabilly, horror movies, Lord Sutch, Screamin’ Jay and Carry On films the Surfin Wombatz are old enough to know better….but thankfully don’t!

01. Peter Cushing
02. Planet Of The Psychobilly Apes
03. 4 O’olock In The Mornin’
04. The Ballad Of Dr. Sathan!
05. Alien Abductors
06. From Beyond
07. The Curse Of The Pharaoh’s Chamber Pot
08. Satan’s Ice Cream Van
09. Little Sister
10. 13 Bar Blues
11. Black Cat Bone
12. She’s Dynamite
13. Take The Money And Run (Live)



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