The Ghastly Ones — In Spook-a-Phonic Surf Sound

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The Ghastly Ones emerged from the grave to haunt the SoCal surf and Garage scene in the fall of 1996. Hailing from Van Nuys, California these swingin’ undertakers took their inspiration from the hopped up sounds of early sixties surf and hotrod outfits like The Lively Ones, Avengers VI, The New Dimensions, and the Fender IV and [...]

The Ghastly Ones — Ghastly Stomp

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The Ghastly Ones — Diabolo’s Theme

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the Ghastly Ones — Flying Saucers Over Van Nuys

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It’s a cool  7″ by The Ghastly Ones, pressed on green vinyl with full color cover art by Jeremiah Alcorn and Eric Pigors. Overall a nice collectors item worth picking up even if you don’t have a turntable! 1. Flying Saucers Over Van Nuys 2. Scuzz Ghoul Meets Curl’s Girl Link

The Ghastly Ones — Gears N`Ghoulfinks

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Listening to the new Ghastly Ones seven-inch EP, «Gears n’ Ghoul Finks» conjures images of guys with good haircuts drinking beer and working on cars, Russ Meyer movies at the drive-in, kids on banana seat bicycles, when the world wasn’t as crowded and you could still afford to buy a house if you had a halfway decent job. [...]

The Ghastly Ones — Unearthed

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This disc features new versions of classic ghastly tunes such as GHASTLY STOMP, HAULIN’ HEARSE,  WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS and more, previously out of print and available on this disc for the first time featuring organ by Dave aka «Captain Clegg»! These tracks have never sounded better. A must for your Halloween party or spooky Shindig!                                                                 [...]

The Ghastly Ones — Haulin’ Hearse

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The Ghastly Ones — Target Draculon

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When there comes night and evil forces dominate undividedly, these children leave graves and play the music. 01. Intro 02. Target: Draculon 03. Without warning 04. Blood countess sees all 05. Grave dig her 06. The sighting 07. Shockmonster stomp 08. Now fear this 09. Weird spaceship 10. Spooky girl 11. Double agent 73 (who [...]

Ghastly Ones — All Plastic Assembly Kit

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The Ghastly Ones emerged from the grave to haunt the SoCal surf and Garage scene! 01. Intro 02. The Flying Dutchman 03. Draculon 04. Graveyard Shift 05. Yuzgo’s Twist 06. Heartbeat 07. Banshee Beach 08. Cat on a Hot Foam Board 09. Haulin’ Hearse 2005 10. Fuzzy and Wild Link

The Ghastly Ones — A Haunting We Will Go-Go

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The Ghastly Ones are a surf–garage rock band from Van Nuys, California with a late-night monster movie theme . 01. An invitation 02. Ghastly stomp 03. Hangman handten 04. Thunderhead 05. Pacific ghost highway 06. Haulin’ hearse 07. Lonesome understaker 08. Mysterion 09. The boys go creeping 10. Diabolo’s theme 11. Action squad 12. Deadbeat [...]