The Ghastly Ones — A Haunting We Will Go-Go

Опубликовано - Май 28, 2013 в 10:55 дп


The Ghastly Ones are a surf–garage rock band from Van Nuys, California with a late-night monster movie theme .

01. An invitation
02. Ghastly stomp
03. Hangman handten
04. Thunderhead
05. Pacific ghost highway
06. Haulin’ hearse
07. Lonesome understaker
08. Mysterion
09. The boys go creeping
10. Diabolo’s theme
11. Action squad
12. Deadbeat
13. Spookmaster
14. Doctor diabolo speaks…
15. Attack of robot atomico
16. Los campiones del justico
17. Hollywood nocturne
18. Surfin’ spooks
19. A final warning
20. The ghastly stomp (everybody’s doin’)

Ghastly Ones


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