The Ghastly Ones — Target Draculon

Опубликовано - Июнь 24, 2013 в 3:29 пп


When there comes night and evil forces dominate undividedly, these children leave graves and play the music.

01. Intro
02. Target: Draculon
03. Without warning
04. Blood countess sees all
05. Grave dig her
06. The sighting
07. Shockmonster stomp
08. Now fear this
09. Weird spaceship
10. Spooky girl
11. Double agent 73 (who came in from the cold)
12. Full throttle, empty bottle
13. Flying saucers over van nuys
14. Dimension 66
15. Brand new sin
16. Llorona
17. Scuzz Ghoul Meets Curl’s Girl
18. I’m In…
19. Orbitron

ghastly ones on grave


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