Detonators — Nuthin’ to Lose

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Celtic-Punk, Punkabilly from Serbia. 01.Things That Keep Me Alive 02.Hey Baby 03.You Never Know Whats Gonna Happen 04.Goodby Jenny 05.Guess Things Happen That Way 06.Bourbon & Rum 07.Through City Lights 08.Again 09.Girl From Poland 10.My Angel 11.Bring it home to me 12.Saturday Night 13.Hangin’ In The Pubs 14.In This Fuckin’ Town 15.Nuthin’ To Lose 16.Revolution Link

Psycho Charger — Chillerama

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Thee Gravemen — My girlfriend is a werewolf

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THEE GRAVEMEN are a 2-man garage outfit from Southern Sweden with Lee Tea on guitar and howls and Daz Trash on Voodoo drums and screams both originating from 18th century deepest darkest England.  Trying to find other band members at a similiar age — over 100 — is quite a hard job so Lee and [...]