The Radioactive Chicken Heads — Music for mutants

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Not your average band of poultry punks and giant mutant vegetables, the Radioactive Chicken Heads are rapidly spreading their genetically modified rock ‘n’ roll across the world…Beware, if you are reading this, you may have already been contaminated. 01. Bird Brain 02. Liquid Fat 03. Headless Mike 04. Look Both Ways 05. I Eat Kids [...]

Surfonica — Tales From the Sea of Istanbul

Опубликовано - Ноябрь 14, 2014 в 9:44 пп

Hey, buoys and gulls, what we have here is rip-roaring, rollicking, frolicking, bodacious surf rock music played Surfonica style. The band has taken four highballing, classic surf tunes and piled on a heaping dose of smoke and fire. The result is Tales From the Sea of Istanbul, a BLAZING INFERNO of rip-roaring, rollicking, frolicking, bodacious, classic [...]

Mississippi Alligators — The Road to the Porn Blues

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Some dirty people playing dirty songs. 01. Vieja Pension 02. Tu Chochito (Que rico) 03. Perro Rastrero Link

Elvira — Two Big Pumpkins

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Black Vines — Reign Remix Competition

Опубликовано - Ноябрь 11, 2014 в 10:11 пп

The Black Vines, are a new band project from four musicians based in South Yorkshire. A hard hitting dirty riff based dirge, full of soul and dark matter. 01. REIGN ( FULL EXAMPLE ) 02. REIGN DRUMS 03. REIGN BASS 04. REIGN LEAD 05. REIGN RIFF 06. REIGN VOX Link

The Tiki Creeps — Invaders From Beyond The Sound Of Surf

Опубликовано - Ноябрь 9, 2014 в 9:33 пп

The Tiki Creeps are a band influenced by 60′s beach and horror films and are made up of a lineup of impressive musicians who are well known for their past work in other bands! 01. The Crawling Terror! 02. Atomic Age To Stone Age 03. Moonlight Stroll 04. Sea Foam 05. Green Slime Are Coming [...]

The Evil Streaks — Talk to the Dead

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If you dipped, The Cramps, into a pot of The Sonics and added a pinch of sweetness of the Go-Gos, you’d get The Evil Streaks. They combine the trashy garage sound of the ‘60s with the dark punkabilly sound of the Cramps. Dressed only in black and white, unleash a unique brand of creepy-yet-rockin’ sound that [...]

Washington Dead Cats — Treat Me Bad

Опубликовано - Ноябрь 6, 2014 в 9:15 пп

The Washington Dead Cats  will put a spell on you with their magical mix of power punk, rugged rockabilly, sky-blue surf, midnight garage, fuel-injected mambo and hypnotic voodoo rhythms. These are comic-book heroes from the world of 50s kitch — zany characters from the underworld of z-rated movies. 01. Crazy when I hear that beat 02. [...]

Deadbolt — Down in the Lab

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I Was a Teenage Zombie

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Good soundtrack to the bad movie. 01 The Fleshtones — «I Was A Teenage Zombie» Theme 02 Del Fuegos — Have You Forgotten 03 Db`s — Neverland 04 The Dream Syndicate — Halloween 05 Violent Femmes — Good Feeling 06 The Waitresses — I Know What Boys Like 07 The Smithereens — Time And Time [...]