Cold Blue Rebels — Love Of The Undead

Опубликовано - Декабрь 9, 2013 в 9:22 пп

The songs are catchy psychobilly numbers, with the usual campy horror themes you get with the genre. The musicians here are all top-notch, playing some truly swinging tunes to the fun, over-the-top lyrics about zombies and ghouls. It truly seems like these guys are having a great time playing these songs, as the tunes are [...]

Cold Blue Rebels — Blood, Guts n`Rock & Roll

Опубликовано - Октябрь 12, 2013 в 2:25 пп

COLD BLUE REBELS a spankin’ new super-group of rock elite fronted by vocalist MICKEY FINN of the legendary JETBOY, his pals JOE NORMAL and DANNY DANGEROUS of the infamous purple-haired ZEROS on scorchin’ guitar and slappin upright bass, plus former GLAMOUR PUNKS skins basher SPAZZ DRAZTIK on the drums. This is one helluva PSYCHO rockabilly [...]