Songs The Cramps Taught Us — Volume 2

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This collection spans the 50s/60s underground gamit. You’ve got some rockabilly, fuzzed out psych, a little surf stylings, some demented jazz, and plenty of old school rock n roll. 01 Hasil Adkins — She Said 02 Buddy Love — Heartbreak Hotel 03 Dean Carter — Jailhouse Rock 04 Johnny Burnette — Tear It Up 05 [...]

Bloody Halloween Mix — Part Eight

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Rock & Roll-Garage-Surf-Psychobilly-Horror-Halloween compilation-mix. 01.Intro 02.Mardi Gras BB – Munster`s Theme 03.Lavern Baker – Voodoo Voodoo 04.The Castle Kings – You Can Get Him Frankenstein 05.The Mummies – The Fly 06.Jerry Coulston – Caveman Hop 07.Zacherle – Monster Monkey 08.Marty Manning & His Orchestra – Sorcerer`s Apprentice 09.Ronald Stein – Song From Spider Baby (Lon [...]

the Fuzztones — Salt For Zombies

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  The album serves up a fantastic mix of mostly obscure `60-s covers and original tunes. Every cover, however, sounds like originally written: that special treatment Fuzztones give a song when covering it produces a geniune blend of punky «evil» energy, sinister voodoo trippiness and stunningly authentic `60-s feel. Every track is full of maniac [...]

Deadbolt — Swamp witch

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Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages

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Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages were a British rock group from the early Sixties, sporting an ever-changing line-up of musicians and a taste for horror themes and zany humour. Some regard them as forerunners of both The Sex Pistols and Monty Python. The group was founded by drummer Carlo Little, who was a friend [...]

Driving Stupid — Horror Asparagus Stories

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 Driving Stupid were formed on the East Coast by college students, three of them longtime friends from New Jersey. As more of a lark than a serious endeavor, in the summer of 1966 they drove from New Jersey to Hollywood in an effort to crack the big time, stopping off in Albuquerque, New Mexico to [...]

Stupid Movies For Stupid People By Stupid Bands

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Crazy-Comedy rock & roll compilation from France. 1. The Beachbreakers — Lobsterman from Mars 2. Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger — Monster in the closet 3. Bee Dee Kay & The Roller Coaster — Attack of the killer tomatoes 4. The Atomic Spuds — Frankenhooker 5. The Wangs — Hysterical 6. The Boeingtones — The man [...]

The Coffin Daggers — Coffin Daggers EP (2005)

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No one comes close to The Coffin Daggers when it comes to all-out intensity… they will stomp a mudhole into your fragile minds! 1. Coffin Dagger 2. Shark Attack 3. Parasite 4. Cats Eye 5. Monsters From The ID 6. Caravan Link

Ghoultown — Drink With The Living Dead

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The Ultimate Rockin` Halloween Party — American Horror Songs, 1930s-1950s

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These Viper compilations are always good value, and arriving just before the season of the witch is upon us, the timing is most fortuitous for this spooky trawl through Americana, incorporating horror-themed rock & roll, rhythm & blues, jazz and doo-wop, predominantly culled from the 1950s. Bo Diddley, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and The Big Bopper [...]