the Fiends — In Scareo

Опубликовано - Сентябрь 7, 2013 в 1:13 пп

It’s time… to blow your mind… with a creepy crawly mess of sixties-inspired fuzz’n’farfisa courtesy the Fiends, the perfect soundtrack for midnight garden raids & grave robbing expeditions… The Fiends sound like they carry switch-blades instead of garage records, using fuzz guitar, Farfisa organ and snotty, sometimes blood curdling screams, evil laughter, playing tight, creepy [...]

the Fiends — Gravedigger

Опубликовано - Август 19, 2013 в 12:52 пп

Canadian Garage-Punk band. 1. Gravedigger 2. Two’s a Crowd 3. Outtasight 4. Bad Woman 5. No Good 6. Writing on the Wall 7. Quit Pickin’ on Me 8. Jack the Ripper 9. X-Ray Eyes 10. Stake Thru My Heart 11. Just in Case You Wonder 12. The Lyncher (Hangs Ten) 13. She’s Not Broken 14. [...]