Death March Kantai — The others Death March

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Crazy Japanese (Psychobilly, skabilly, punkabilly, rustic stomp) 01. Running To The Sun 02. Nick 03. This era of la la la love but there are various 04. Words because La 05. Reaper fleet 06. Picnic was born 07. Soul yelled to go to this person 08. Own bomb ~ suicide Hen (self-bomb? golden crest God ~ [...]

Skeleton Dance — 1929 Disney short

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The Ghastly Ones — In Spook-a-Phonic Surf Sound

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The Ghastly Ones emerged from the grave to haunt the SoCal surf and Garage scene in the fall of 1996. Hailing from Van Nuys, California these swingin’ undertakers took their inspiration from the hopped up sounds of early sixties surf and hotrod outfits like The Lively Ones, Avengers VI, The New Dimensions, and the Fender IV and [...]