Death March Kantai — The others Death March

Опубликовано - Январь 27, 2015 в 9:02 пп


Crazy Japanese (Psychobilly, skabilly, punkabilly, rustic stomp)

01. Running To The Sun
02. Nick
03. This era of la la la love but there are various
04. Words because La
05. Reaper fleet
06. Picnic was born
07. Soul yelled to go to this person
08. Own bomb ~ suicide Hen (self-bomb? golden crest God ~ My helicopter (Qigong bomb))
09. Camellia
10. Hee Wantsu (Dedicated to the nest xylophone fan) one burger Please
11. Lactobacillus kick-off
12. Death march fleet of theme
13. Muscle machine
14. My helicopter (Qigong bomb)
15. Brand New tank
16. Electro pandemonium ~ own bomb
17. Poison mushroom Association
18. Labor Mars
19. Burn Burn by ~ flow
20. Vltava defense forces
21. Morality of you is Burn
22. Rough seas and Beyond ~ Death march fleet school school song
23. Nick to go on a picnic (genuine)



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