Hank Williams III — Long Hauls and Close Calls

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Angry Johnny & The Killbillies — Puttin the Voodoo on Monroe

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Americana… This album loosely tells the tale of one unlucky son of a bitch called Monroe. His fall from grace, his attempts at redemption, and his eventual inevitable demise. His trip on down to Hell ain’t pretty, but man it sure sounds sweet. So enjoy the music, enjoy the ride, and be glad that it [...]

The Cave 4 — Bikini Crash

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These German thrashers are a hot bunch and on «BIKINI CRASH» they play some of the wildest garage and surf the way it’s meant to be played- loud, dirty and snotty. It reeks of fun and it rocks! 01. Shockwave 02. Surfin’ Cat 03. Malibu Run 04. Bonneville Stomp 05. Blast Off 06. Tribute Pt. [...]

Deadbillys — Genuine Hellstomper

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The best way to describe the Deadbillys would have to be by mixing Johnny Cash, The Misfits, Merle Haggard, The Cramps. 01. The Legend Of The Dodge City 02. Jackson 03. Kingpsychobilly 04. Halloween 05. #13 06. Horse with No Name 07. $31.32-The Dead Billys 08. Cold Steel Track 09. Harper Valley 10. Twang Zombie [...]

Tijuana Bibles — Fiesta! Siesta

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Evil surf-rock from Toronto. 01. Not Here To Fight 02. Jet Pack 03. Sleep Mask Link