3-d Invisibles — They Won’t Stay Dead!

Опубликовано - Август 31, 2014 в 8:40 пп

Welcome to my nightmare! 01. They Won’t Stay Dead! 02. Creature From Outer Space 03. Down In The Dungeon 04. Frankenstein Stomp 05. Suprise For Teacher 06. I Walked With A Zombie 07. Mars Needs Women 08. Mail-Order Monster 09. Creepy Fella 10. Graveyard Rockin’ 11. I Married a Monster From Outer Space 12. Skeleton [...]

3-d Invisibles — Vampires A-Go Go

Опубликовано - Май 31, 2014 в 7:38 пп

The 3-D Invisibles were spawned in the distant past from a love of ’70s punk rock (as well as ’60s pop and garage) and trash pop culture (monster and sci-fi movies, horror comics, weird TV). Influenced by the great Screaming Lord Sutch, they dubbed their sound Monster Rock.  01. Monsters Across The USA 02. Cool [...]