3-d Invisibles — Vampires A-Go Go

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d Invisibles - 1988 - Vampires A-Go Go

The 3-D Invisibles were spawned in the distant past from a love of ’70s punk rock (as well as ’60s pop and garage) and trash pop culture (monster and sci-fi movies, horror comics, weird TV). Influenced by the great Screaming Lord Sutch, they dubbed their sound Monster Rock. 

01. Monsters Across The USA
02. Cool Ghoul
03. Stake In My Heart
04. Mutant
05. The Island Of Zombie Woman
06. Midnight At The Wax Museum
07. Strange Adventures In Outer Space
08. Swamp Thing
09. Mummy On The Loose
10. Moon Over Translyvania
11. Vampires A Go Go
12. I Wanna Dig Up Bela Lugosi Vampires
13. Vampires From Venus
14. Watchmen
15. My Bloody Axe
16. Gorenography



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