Johnny Flesh & The Redneck Zombies — …This Is Hellbilly Music

Опубликовано - Июнь 1, 2014 в 2:17 пп

00 - ...This Is Hellbilly Music

These three undead are bringing a wide range of kick-ass tunes! A masterful blend of classical and modern styles, which immediately make your feet stomp. The perfect soundtrack for your everyday B-movie mood!
Affected by various horror and “B” movies from every era, the band is creating danceable monsters, which would even lure Count Dracula out of his tomb. Catchiness and diversity are the devices. Created by the great combination of various styles, the band will lure metal dudes, rockers, psychos and even country fans to their monster hop.

01. Welcome to the Show
02. Lovely Moonlight
03. Broadway of Dixie
04. Drinkin’ from Dusk Till Dawn
05. Cast Out the Devil
06. Frankensteins Hot Rod
07. Count Draculas Bloody Boogie
08. Trailer Park Queen
09. Bbq At Pleasant Valley
10. Interlude Route 666
11. Oh Corona
12. Good Ol’ Times
13. The Braineaters
14. Rippers Blues
15. Thanks for Coming Out



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