Angry Johnny & The Killbillies — Puttin the Voodoo on Monroe

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2004 - Angry Johnny & The Killbillies - Puttin the Voodoo on Monroe

Americana… This album loosely tells the tale of one unlucky son of a bitch called Monroe. His fall from grace, his attempts at redemption, and his eventual inevitable demise. His trip on down to Hell ain’t pretty, but man it sure sounds sweet. So enjoy the music, enjoy the ride, and be glad that it happened to Monroe and not to you.


01. When I Think Of You
02. Jerry Lynn
03. Only Thing I Want To Do
04. Let’s Get It Over With
05. Walpole Prison Blues
06. Lazuri
07. One Bullet Blues
08. Lucky Day
09. I Chose The Gun
10. Baker’s Farm
11. Only Thing He Said
12. I Think I See The Light
13. Body Doing Time
14. Waltzing On Air
15. Trains Don’t Run
16. Sold Me Down The River
17. Send My Love Home



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