the Fuzztones — Salt For Zombies

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The album serves up a fantastic mix of mostly obscure `60-s covers and original tunes. Every cover, however, sounds

like originally written: that special treatment Fuzztones give a song when covering it produces a geniune blend of punky

«evil» energy, sinister voodoo trippiness and stunningly authentic `60-s feel. Every track is full of maniac guitar riffing,

raunchy monster fuzz, tribal drums, swirling combo organ and mind- blowing lead vocal. All arrangements are tight and

energetic, there is no dead weight on this cd. Every song rocks, yet every song has its psychedelic moments. The album

is fuzzed out and furious, it is bad, mad, sexy, dark, weird…

1. My Brother The Man
2. Get Naked
3. Face Of Time
4. Be Forwarned
5. Johnson In A Headlock
6. This Sinister Urge
7. Black Lightning Light
8. Idiot Chatter
9. Hallucination Generation
10. A Wristwatch Band
11. Group Grope
12. Don’t Blow Your Mind
13. What Ever Happened To Baby Jesus
14. Lord Have Mercy On My Soul

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