Driving Stupid — Horror Asparagus Stories

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Driving Stupid - Horror asparagus stories

 Driving Stupid were formed on the East Coast by college students, three of them longtime friends from New Jersey.

As more of a lark than a serious endeavor, in the summer of 1966 they drove from New Jersey to Hollywood in an

effort to crack the big time, stopping off in Albuquerque, New Mexico to record some demos. They did manage

to land a deal and record an album’s worth of material in Hollywood, but the album didn’t come out at the time,

after the commercial death of the 45. This unreleased material, like the single, combined sloppy garage band rock

with self-consciously silly lyrics, like a garage group providing the soundtrack for a Z-grade horror-science fiction

film. Most of Driving Stupid left Hollywood at the end of the summer of 1966 to return to college. The single, plus

17 unreleased tracks from their 1966 adventures, were issued in 2002 by Sundazed on Horror Asparagus Stories.

1. My Mother Was A Big Fat Pig
2. Rid The Lobsters
3. Fast City
4. The Reality Of (Air)
5. We’ve Come To Take The Earth Away
6. Green Things Have Entered My Skin,Gladys
7. I’m Gonna Bash Your Brains
8. Water My Doing Here?
9. Girl’s Got A Turtle
10. How Do You Tell A Stranger
11. Happytime Springface And Flowers
12. Greensleeves
13. Fast City (Version 2)
14. I’m going To Bash Your Brains In (Version 2)
15. We’ve Come To Take The Earth Away (Version 2)
16. The Reality Of (Air) (Version 2)
17. Ride The Lobsters (Version 2)
18. Green Things Have Entered My Skin, Gladys (Version 2)
19. Horror Aspargus Stories

driving stupid


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