Thee Gravemen — My girlfriend is a werewolf

Опубликовано - Март 2, 2015 в 9:31 пп


THEE GRAVEMEN are a 2-man garage outfit from Southern Sweden with Lee Tea on guitar and howls and Daz Trash on Voodoo drums and screams both originating from 18th century deepest darkest England.  Trying to find other band members at a similiar age — over 100 — is quite a hard job so Lee and Daz decided a 2-man band would suffice.  Lee Tea with his musical roots from the garage scene having played with the likes of crazy garage killers The EXCITERS from England and now with top Swedish R&B combo The BRANDED and Daz trash coming from the Psychobilly-Punk-Rockabilly side of Trash had been playing with 80′s Psycho screamers SKITZO! They both hooked up with each other at the local brit pub in Malmö and later played a Johnny Cash tribute together. And that was the end of sensible rock n roll as we know it!

01. Diggin´ Graves
02. My girlfriend is a werewolf
03. Hey there little baby
04. Six feet down



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