The Hel-Gators — Voodoo

Опубликовано - Июль 30, 2014 в 7:25 пп

The Hel-Gators - Voodoo - front

«The Hel-Gators debut album «Voodoo» is a journey into the world of rockabilly, on it’s creepy side and the ride is scary — indeed!» There are subterranean mystery, murder mania, obsessions, hot women, men burning with desire, love confessions, lust, horror, betrayal and crazy party moods. »VOODOO is a true «Film noir» -album. From fastforward suburbanian Garagebilly to urban countryswing. All together, it includes original sounds from the source, that true rock’n'roll is made of.» 

01. Voodoo
02. Skeleton Jacket
03. I Came Too Late
04. Barbarella
05. Bone Town
06. Red Pony Tail
07. Only Me Came Back Home
08. Sometehing Weird
09. Zombie Dance
10. Reelin’ Rockin’ & Shake!
11. Hot Rod Baby
12. Burry Them Hatches



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