Lonesome Wyatt — A bitter harvest (w. Rachel Brooke)

Опубликовано - Декабрь 28, 2013 в 3:42 пп

Lonesome Wyatt - 2009 - A bitter harvest (w. Rachel Brooke)

Those Poor Bastards’ singer Lonesome Wyatt teams up with Rachel Brooke for ten songs of woe and unrelenting despair.

Rachel and Lonesome each wrote half of the songs, but they sing all of them together. Recommended for those who are

sick at heart.

01. This Painful Summer 
02. Poor Desperate Fools 
03. Scars 
04. Someday I’ll Fall 
05. Crippled Farms 
06. Only the Booze 
07. Darkness 
08. Never Forget (These Nightmares Are Mine) 
09. Empty House 
10. Give Up and Die 

lonesome wyatt


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