Messer Chups — Zombie Shopping

Опубликовано - Июнь 20, 2013 в 9:46 пп

Messer Chups Zombie Shopping

Ninth album Petersburg surf project Messer Chups. Musicians collect their pieces

from the sounds of the American thrash horror and melodies characteristic of the

Soviet cinema, the music of which was leaked to successfully surf the 60s.

01. Darkness is a Teenagers Friend
02. Catmobile
03. Flash of the Night
04. When a Knife Thrower Missed the Target
05. Zombie in a Mini Skirt
06. Girls in Orbit
07. Dried Human Head From Ecuador
08. Swamp Cowboy
09. Model
10. Swamp Surfing
11. With an Alligator in Your Hand
12. Holy Psychodelics
13. Vincent Price is Coming to Russia
14. Hearty Dracula
15. Boys in Skeleton Costumes
16. Laughing Gas Attacking Jamaica
17. Popcorno Revenge

messer chups


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