Barnyard Stompers — Outlaws With Chainsaws

Опубликовано - Июль 12, 2014 в 12:22 пп

barnyard stompers=outlaws with chainsaws=front=2013

For anyone of a sensitive nature who has a liking for the mellow side of country music it’s not inconceivable that this won’t be an album for you! Conversely, if you love, raw, edgy tales of of murder, mayhem, booze and drugs that don’t always take themselves too seriously you won’t find better this year! You will probably never hear an album as rooted in the sinister ‘backwoods’ as this one, to such a degree that at times you can feel in danger just listening to this raw often threatening music. 


01. Outlaws With Chainsaws
02. Stinkin’ Drunken S.O.B. Blues
03. White Trash Family
04. Falling Down
05. Truck Drivin’ Son-Of-A-Bitch
06. Choctaw Outlaw
07. Topless Tuesday
08. Corn Liquor
09. Snake Eyed Baby
10. Shallow Grave
11. Seein’ Double
12. When Death Comes Knocking



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