Chuck Norris Experiment -The Return Of Rock’n'roll

Опубликовано - Июль 2, 2014 в 4:28 пп


«For those that were saddened by THE HELLACOPTERS recent announcement
of their shop-closing, chin up. THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT are ready to pick up the gauntlet with their signature blend of hard-panned AC/DC scum MC5 riffage, dueling guitar harmonies, and bludgeoning punk-inspired choruses. This band is so powerful and ambitious, it’s just a little scary.»


01. You Got It Coming 
02. Less Than A Man 
03. Move Like A Machine 
04. Cold Blood 
05. On The Case 
06. Silicone City 
07. That Shit Is Over Jack 
08. !!!Electrified!!! 
09. Bastards 
10. RadioShadow 2007 
11. The Road, The Dust and The Goddamn Power 



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