Bloody Halloween Mix — Part Eleven

Опубликовано - Декабрь 19, 2013 в 12:06 пп

death wolf

Rock & Roll-Garage-Surf-Psychobilly-Horror-Halloween compilation-mix from

02.Rev Tom Frost – Night Of The Frost!
03.Hasil Adkins – Haunted House
04.Rod Willis – The Cat
05.Guz – The Munsters
06.Screamin` Lord Sutch – Black And Hairy
07.Bart Lewis – Frankenstein
08.Masaru Sato – Godzilla vs. Kumonga (Son Of Godzilla)
09.The Three D`s – Graveyard Cha Cha
10.The Mummies – The Fly
11.Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos – Hearse With A Curse
12.The Creatures (Conried, Pearce, Stein) – The Purple People Eater
13.Hugo Montenegro – In The Hall Of The Mountain King
14.New Mayfair Dance Orchestra – The Haunted House
15.Satan`s Pilgrims – Vampiro
16.Bob Ridgely – The Way Out Mummy
17.The Couplings – Egor
18.Lee Kristoferson – Night Of The Werewolf
19.Ron Haydock – Halloween
20.Stanley Holloway – Sweeney Todd The Barber



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