Bloody Halloween Mix — Part Fourteen

Опубликовано - Июнь 13, 2014 в 1:00 пп


Rock & Roll-Garage-Surf-Psychobilly-Horror-Halloween compilation-mix.

01.Ghoulardi Intro / Los Straightjackets – Rockula
02.Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords – Frenzy
03.Billy De Marco & Count Dracula – Drac`s Back
04.Screaming Lord Sutch – Murder In The Graveyard
05.Al Hirt – The King Kong Theme
06.The Keytones – I Was A Teenage Monster
07.Bill Riley – Nightmare Mash
08.Lord Dent & His Invaders – Wolf Call
09.The Phantom Surfers – Horror Beach
10.The Wildtones – The Martian Band
11.Sharkey Todd And His Momsters – The Cool Gool
12.The Abstracts – Nightmare
13.Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers – Graveyard Rock
14.Yuji Koseki – The Birth Of Mothra
15.Mad Mike And The Maniacs – The Hunch
16.Man Or Astroman – Invasion Of The Dragonmen
17.Batmobile – Amazons From Outer Space
18.Matt Gonella & His Georgians – Skeleton In The Closet
19.Milton DeLugg & The Vampires – The Chase



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