Songs The Cramps Taught Us — Volume 3

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For many of us with a penchant for raw 50s and 60s garage and rock n roll, the Cramps were our doorway to a whole

new world of sleazy guitar music. It didn’t matter that they hadn’t actually written most of the songs, to paraphrase

the band themselves «they had good taste». They’d tracked down these amazing old records, reworked some of them,

merged others and stamped them boldly as their own. 

01 Nat Couty — Woodpecker Rock
02 Macy Skipper — Bop Pills
03 Blues Rockers, The — Calling All Cows
04 Mac Rebennack — Storm Warning
05 Larry Phillipson — Bitter Feelings
06 Terry Dunavan — Earthquake Boogie
07 Sonics, The — He’s Waiting
08 Fanatics, The — I Will Not Be Lonely
09 Instrumentals, The — Chop Suey Rock
10 Dell Raney — Can Your Hossie Do The Dog
11 Shades, The — Strollin’ After Dark
12 Jackie Lee Cochran — Georgia Lee Brown
13 Lonnie Allen — You’ll Never Change Me
14 Jerry Warren — Rompin’
15 Kai-Ray — I Want Some Of That
16 Junior Thompson — How Come You Do Me?
17 Rhythm Rockers, The — Madness
18 Warren Smith — Uranium Rock
19 Kit & The Outlaws — Don’t Tread On Me
20 Flower Children, The — Miniskirt Blues
21 Standells, The — Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
22 Dave Day — Blue Moon Baby
23 Shorty Long — Devil With The Blue Dress On
24 Ronnie Dawson — Rockin’ Bones
25 Mel Robbins — Save It
26 Jimmy Lloyd — I Got A Rocket In My Pocket
27 Charlie Feathers — One Hand Loose
28 Fendermen, The — Mule Skinner Blues
29 Paul Revere & The Raiders — Hungry
30 Embers, The — I Walked All Night
31 Bostweeds, The — Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

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