Count Smokula — Smokesylvania In My Mind

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Count Smokula Smokesylvania In My Mind

Count Smokula is a comedic fictional character created and portrayed by Robert «Smokey» Miles.

Count Smokula is a 496 year old accordion-playing vampire with a cape and fez from the vaguely

Eastern-European nation of Smokesylvania. He has been described as «Bela Lugosi-meets-Jackie

Mason» and as «a sort of Yiddish Dracula, who plays the accordion and exhibits the longest tongue

this side of Gene Simmons of KISS».

01 — Smokesylvania, You’re A Nation (National Anthem Of Smokesylvania)
02 — Zombie
03 — Poultrygeist
04 — Boris Karloff Blues
05 — Rockabilly Count (From Down Below)
06 — Tales From The Crapper
07 — Dita Von Teese
08 — Population
09 — Die, You Zombie Bastards
10 — Transylbearian Woods
11 — Smokesylvania In My Mind



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