Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave — Shake!

Опубликовано - Июнь 16, 2014 в 5:08 пп

Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave - Shake!

«…In fact, he’s a poet, his jabbered delirium is on the metaphysical side of life, the same as the fellatio he gave to the microphone, the loose mask that always seem to slip from his face and the King’s costume, almost perfect but with a pair of shoes which didn’t shine enough compared to the rest… the monologues and monster’s cries, the little screams and special effects as a z-movie Jon Spencer version, altogether they compose an imaginary world that’s absolutely trashy Las Vegas (not by chance, where our hero he’s from), although his Myspace talks about an imaginary «Disgraceland»…»

«Mr. Dead Elvis shake, in fact, is pure made in Usa, and it’s easy to think that if Presley could sing from the grave he would play this kind of music. The same way, if the truck driver from Tupelo would have been in a porn movie, also producing the soundtrack, we’re pretty sure that while he would have been enjoying with a big-boob bare assed blonde he would have sang songs like «Monster Under your Bed», «Get Outta My Grave» and «Shake». 

01. Shake
02. Shot my woman
03. Hold my cold hand

Dead Elvis


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