Frankie Stein And His Ghouls — Introducing Frankie Stein And His Ghouls

Опубликовано - Июнь 2, 2013 в 7:46 пп


The concept for Frankie Stein and the Ghouls was to play ’60s style instrumental

dance rock with screams and other bizarre sound effects mixed in, and then to give

the songs corny «horror» titles.

1.  Weerdo The Wolf (Twist)
2.  Goon River (Swim)
3.  A Hearse Is Not A Home (Frug)
4.  3 Little Weirds (Monkey, Lindy)
5.  Lullaby Of Ghost Land (Fox Trot)
6.  Knives And Lovers (Swim)
7.  Little Ghoul Blue (Mashed Potato, Shimmy)
8.  Ghoul Days (Watusi)
9.  Little Brown Bug (Hully Gully)
10.  Neck Twist (Twist)]



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