Ghoultown — Give Em More Rope

Опубликовано - Сентябрь 4, 2013 в 9:17 пп

GHOULTOWN Give Em More Rope

Western psychobilly rock with influences drawn from both spaghetti western and horror movies. This is

the classic release featuring Fistful of Demons, Return of the Living Dead, Dirty Sanchez, and more.

1. Intro
2. Fistful of Demons
3. Dia de los Muertos
4. Return of the Living Dead
5. Wicked Man
6. Dirty Sanchez
7. Hang Me High
8. Smoke Break
9. Wait Until Dark
10. Man With No Name
11. Bloodshot
12. Draggin’ Your Bones
13. Whipping Post
14. Bandito Sunrise
15. Carry the Coffin
16. To the Gallows




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