New Seed 55 — Ghhrrrrrr

Опубликовано - Декабрь 16, 2013 в 11:12 дп

new seed 55

The Band was founded by 3 people with different musical backgrounds, but the common love for Rockabilly. The music

it self is a mix of the rawness of punk and the catchiness of rock and roll. While the band labels them selves jok in gly

„NeoRockaPunkoBilly», they are aware that words alone are hard to describe one’s style, especially in a day an age,

where all labels are worn out to boredom. Location:Budapest, HU.

01. Madnight Express
02. Hey Boy
03. Monster Meeting
04. The Way I Feel
05. Hop Skip & Jump
06. As Long As I Movin’
07. Old Time Redemption
08. Can’t Excite
09. We’ve Got the Feelin’
10. Bang Bang
11. Summer Mood
12. Madley Blind
13. Who Am I ?
14. Shape



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