The Greaseballs — Tombstone Wax

Опубликовано - Июль 25, 2014 в 11:45 дп

The Greaseballs - Tombstone Wax

A blast from Chicago’s surf past; the Greaseballs’ all-instrumentals do more than ape Dick Dale. The good thing about doing all instrumentals is that you can think up goofy titles without writing lyrics.

01. Psycho Surf A Go-Go
02. Stud Monkey Bravado
03. Least Favorite Martian
04. Dark Side of Flicka
05. Stiletto
06. Two Heavies and a Cruncher
07. Lulu’s Discovery
08. Gluefoot
09. Watery Grave
10. Link Thins
11. Chrome Shop Kid
12. High Plains Hodad
13. Medieval Cowboy
14. Froggie Waxes Down
15. Rikers Island
16. Cyclops Surfer
17. Socorro



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