The Vivisectors — Handmade By the Vivisectors

Опубликовано - Сентябрь 11, 2014 в 8:25 пп


The Vivisectors are a Russian band, one of a few, that play surf and instrumental rock n’ roll. You’ll hear primitive rock n’ roll rhythms, mixed with their own style of melodic instro mayhem. Loads of power, energy and melody from this unique combo.

01. Dolphin Lullaby
02. Morning Melody
03. Cowboy Surfer
04. Africa
05. After The Storm
06. Sunny Beach
07. Full Moon
08. Duane Stomp
09. Low Tide
10. Shot To Death In Woody Creek
11. The Car Of My Dream
12. Loco Banana
13. Escape From The Hospital
14. El Zorro
15. Desert Waves
16. Snake Dance
17. Old & New +169
18. Up In Smoke



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