Count Smokula — Authentic Sounds Of Smokesylvania

Опубликовано - Август 28, 2013 в 9:26 пп

Count Smokula Authentic Sounds of Smokesylvania

Album was given the award for «Comedy Album of the Year» at the 13th Anuual Los Angeles Music Awards in 2003.

1 — Smokesylvania You’re a Nation
2 — I Like the Nightlife
3 — By the Great Latrine of Glipsch
4 — Buhlmann the Inspector
5 — The Love Game
6 — The Salvation of Glipsch and the Destruction of Hempel the Hump By Floosh the Fl
7 — The Hollywood of the California
8 — Rock City News
9 — Count Smokula’s Cabaret
10 — Smokesylvania In My Mind
11 — Frank and Beans
12 — Smokesylvanian Traditional Dances
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