Deadbolt — Voodoo Trucker

Опубликовано - Июль 18, 2013 в 8:47 пп


Deadbolt is a rock band from San Diego, California. They describe themselves as «The

Scariest Band in the World.» Deadbolt’s music combines surfrock, goth, psychobilly and

blues sound with unusual and offbeat lyrics, a style the band dubbed «voodoobilly.»

1. Billy’s Dead
2. Voodoo Trucker
3. Truck Driving SOB
4. Red Cooley
5. Voodoo Curse
6. Magortsy
7. Blacktop Fever
8. Whereabouts Unknown
9. What Can I Do
10. Roadside Cross
11. The Mocker
12. Let’s Truck
13. Lone Highway
14. Trucker’s Rumble



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