Frankie Stein And His Ghouls — Monster Melodies

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FrankieSteinAndHisGhouls Monster Melodies

An album like this is enough to scare a body into dancing anything from the «Twist» …

«Watusi» … «Hully Gully» … «Swim» … «Frug» … «Surf» … «Monkey» … «Dog» … «Lindy» and

even the lowly fox trot. AND without losing a DEAD beat….

The monster maestro (Frankie Stein) is a graduate of the mausoleum of music at the

University of Paris Green… He plays guitar with three hands and conducts with the other

two. He is DEAD serious about his music. Many critics have hailed him as «hideous» …

«ghastly» … «horrormonius» … etc. etc. etc.

This record was recorded with the fabulously eerie sound of Power Records new D.D.T.

method. The die-namic sound with the DEAD beat that has everything to make your

dancing party a HOWLING success…

1. Doctor Spook (Twist)
2. In A Groovy Grave (Watusi)
3. Frog Frug (Frug)
4. Melancholy Monster (Hully Gully)
5. Haunted House (Slow Rock, Surf)
6. Ghoulish Heart (Hully Gully, Twist)
7. Dressed To Kill (Fox Trot)
8. All Choked Up (Surf)
9. Swingin’ Head (Swim)
10. Ain’t Got No Body (Mashed Potato)

Creepshow monster melodies


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