Gein and the Graverobbers — Songs In the Key of Evil

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Gein and Graverobbers - 2003 - Songs In the Key of Evil

Gein and the Graverobbers have established them selves as Boston’s premiere instrumental Horror Surf quartet.

What is «Horror Surf?» Its Fender guitars saturated in reverb, shredding through high-energy songs brimming with

horror and oozing atmosphere. With Gein, Kemper, and Sloth decked out in torn black suits, ties and zombie make-up

 and Myra in her mini skirt and go-go boots — the band looks like a cross between characters from a Tarantino film

and something out of  »Night of the Living Dead».  The amps adorned in skeletons and jack-o-lanterns lend a haunted

house  feel to the stage presence. When these go-go ghouls mix the traditional surf sounds of artists like Dick Dale with

the eeriness of the Cramps, they take their audience into a world of  B-movie horror. Gein and the Graverobbers are

like a musical score to sixties B-rate horror andscience fiction movies.

1.  Season of the Dead
2.  London After Midnight
3.  The Soul Collector
4.  M
5.  Wolfsbane
6.  A Night on Route 666
7.  Through the Trees
8.  The Devil’s Skin
9.  The Crypt Keeper’s Holiday
10.  Haunted House
11.  Transylvania
12.  Out of the Shadows
13.  Left Hand Path

Gein and Graverobbers - Songs In the Key of Evil


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