Ghostwitch — Scared Worse And A Long Time Dyin’

Опубликовано - Декабрь 7, 2014 в 1:32 пп


With nothing more than an acoustic guitar, distortion pedal and a voice, Ryan Gunwitch-Black takes the stage and bashes out a stream of dark, rowdy, riotous songs, stopping only to talk trash about the lack of soul on country radio. The world of GHOSTWITCH is a place where blues legends like Howlin wolf, Charlie Patton, and Muddy Waters drink side by side with Outlaw Country heroes like Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard. Throw in a dash of The Misfits and Black Flag and you have the perfect road map for a trip into the underground of Americana.

01. Right Side Of The Gun
02. Black Mass Baby
03. Wastin Time
04. Little Murder Girl
05. Smoke
06. The Beast
07. Too Far Gone
08. To The End
09. Motel Cementary
10. Chains (The Hammer Song)
11. All The Rage
12. Like A Dog
13. Daughter Of Hell
14. Snakehead
15. Daughter Of Hell Live 4/29/07



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