Ghoultown — Bury Them Deep

Опубликовано - Сентябрь 25, 2013 в 4:18 пп

Ghoultown - 2006 - Bury Them Deep

Band has mastered the art of combining old west themes with blood-pumping cowpunk that features gritty vocals

and mariachi trumpets. Yep, that’s right, this band is one-of-a-kind! BURY THEM DEEP features «Walkin’ Through the

Desert (with a Crow)» which illustrates the band’s mastery of upbeat western sounds along with a tuned-down,

driving chorus.

1. Requiem at Sundown
2. TeKilla
3. Blood On My Hands
4. Mexican Moonshine
5. Bury Them Deep
6. Revolucion
7. Texas Bound
8. Walkin’ Through The Desert

ghoultown II


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