Viva Le Vox — Wayward Ones

Опубликовано - Август 11, 2014 в 10:08 пп


Viva le Vox is a ragtag group of ne’er do-wells hailing from the swamps and shores of southeast Florida. They have a sound that’s hard to describe, influenced by everything from the sleaziest Dixieland jazz to the most sordid punk rock. The sound is by turns loud, fast, and creepy…it’s uneasy listening, crafted for discerning musical misfits everywhere.


01. Wayward Ones
02. Down At The Laundromat
03. Cocaine Psychosis (Swamp Song)
04. Before The Moonlight Fades
05. New Threads (For Old Bones) [Live]
06. Six Inches Off The Floor [Live]
07. Desperation Alley [Live]
08. St. James Infirmary Blues [Live]
09. Ballad of a Broken Young Man [Live]
10. Basking in the Twilight [Live]



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