Volcano Kings — Music For An Exotic Monster Beach Party In Outer Space:Volume 1

Опубликовано - Май 22, 2014 в 2:13 пп

Volkano Kings - Music For An Exotic Monster Beach Party In Outer Space Volume 1

While the band does draw upon a variety of musical influences, the album does stay true to the classic surf feel and is a

definite must-have for any fans of horror surf .

volcano kings

01-Calling UFO Pork Pie no. 9
02-Space Warp to Zombie Cougar Planet
03-The Purple and Pink Polka Dot Carnival of Doom
04-Vampire Cheerleaders on Crack
05-Dracula’s Cadillac
06-Drunken Cougars on the Moon
07-King Kolasa
08-Jungle Terror!
09-Theremin A’ Go-Go!
10-Night of the Crazed Wolf-Woman From Planet Narg
11-Zombie Lounge
12-The Creeper
13-Surfing on Blood and Brains
14-Whoooooaaaaah Uncle Bob! It’s a Robot Invasion!
15-Natives of Transylvania
16-All Aboard The Hell Train!
17-Surfing on Chainsaws
18-Do The Transylvania Twerk!

volcano king


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