Frankie Stein And His Ghouls — Monster Sounds And Dance Music

Опубликовано - Август 5, 2013 в 2:48 пп

Frankie Stein Monster Sounds And Dance Music

Welcome to the monster party!

1. The Creep (Twist)
2. Be Carefull It’s My Throat (Frug)
3. Dreamin’ And Screamin’ (Mashed Potato)
4. Chills (Hully Gully)
5. Dance Of Doom (Monkey, Watusi)
6. Mummy’s Little Monster (Hully Gully)
7. Kiss Of Death (Slow Rock, Shimmy, Twist)
8. Body Twist (Twist)
9. Bat And Cat (Fox Trot)
10. Saturday Evening Ghost (Surf, Twist)]

monster sounds


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