Calamity Cubes — Calamity Cubes

Опубликовано - Июнь 21, 2014 в 5:18 пп


The Calamity Cubes!, a Kansas based roots band, with members Brook Blanche, Kody Oh, and Joey Henry play a very original style of music, hard driving banjo, upright bass, and acoustic guitar make up the instrumentation. The music would best be classified and a blend of traditional Country, Folk & Bluegrass, with the fire of an 80′s Punk Band.

01. Bottoms The Limit
02. Daisy
03. Daughter Of The Devil
04. Ivan
05. Bent
06. Never Had It
07. Pearls At Your Feet
08. Sweet Girl
09. Fuck Yeh Anxious
10. Four Things
11. Sweet Aphrodite
12. I Shot First
13. Untitled



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